Daily Thoughts

I was thinking how much I love living in Tennessee.

Jeff feels the same way.  We need to count our blessings.

I have a house now that I can go to every room easily.  Our old house was a split foyer house and it was hard for me to do things that I needed to do. I couldn’t go up and down the stairs when I had my knees replaced.

I am close to my sister and that is very important to me-we have a very, very small family.  I am near my 4 beautiful grandchildren.  What a difference between seeing them 2/3 times a year or seeing them maybe once a week.  They can come down and spend the night easily and I’m ready to “spoil” them.  I guess I better say that I am also glad to be around Kathryn and Mitch.  Your little girl is always your little girl.  Several weeks ago, the family came down to see us and to help us with the den.  When they pulled in our driveway, Mitch asked Maggie if she was his little girl.  She replied “No! I’m grandpa’s girl!”

Jeff  has always hunted and fished since he was small.  He absolutely loves it out here.  He can walk to the creek and fish when he wants.  He loves seeing the wildlife constantly. You never know what we will see in the field behind us. He has binoculars near the door.  He has a  “green thumb” and loves to work in the yard.  (Our yard had not been taken care of in years and Jeff is working on getting it back into shape.)  He loves it.  I watch him mow the yard on the riding lawnmower and he is always smiling.  He promised me last year when we moved into the house that I could put my car in the garage this year.  He’s worked on it and I think that my car can be driven in soon.  There is a Goodwill truck now in Kingston Springs at the high school.  Jeff made a “big run” there yesterday.

Our cat is named Christina.  She even loves it here.  She has turned into a mouser!  She’s quite proud of herself.  She’s funny-she doesn’t like children (we think that they are too loud for her) and she runs under beds and won’t come out unless it is at night when they are asleep.

We are learning where we can go to shop for things, where we want to eat out, and we organize our trips according to what direction we are going.  We are about 20 minutes from downtown Kingston Springs, 20 minutes from Fairview, 35-40 minutes from Dickson, 35 minutes from a shopping center on highway 100, and 45/50 minutes from Franklin.  Exits #199 and #201 off of I40 aren’t very far away.  I must say, we still miss Pizza delivery.

We enjoy worshiping at the Kingston Springs Church and also being able to participate at Oak Avenue.  (It helps to know the preacher there!)

We are singing with the South Cheatham Choral Society.  Our concert is December 7th at 3m at the Charlotte Road Baptist Church on Highway 70.  We’ve never sang with a group before-we are learning so much.  We plan on continuing to sing with the group.

We hope to be more active.


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