Daily Thoughts


What does home mean? Is it just an abode?

“Home, home on the range..”

“There’s no place like home..”

“Take me home, country roads..”

Home is where the heart is..”

“I wanna go home, oh how I wanna go home..”

“This world is not my home..”

Home sweet home..”

“My Old Kentucky Home.”

“Keep the home fires burning..”

A house is not a home..”

Home is:

comfort        family       security

A home can be any size, any shape, any location,and it is what you make it.  A home can be quiet, loud, busy, crowded, sparse, close by or far away.  In our homes, we have special places that we put things that are important to us.  We are creatures of habit-there is a chair/sofa that we usually sit in/on. Home is where you want to be when you are sick.  Most of us like to go places and do things but we love home.  Home is where we can say what we think.  Home is where we eat and sleep.  You can be yourself and dress the way you want.  Home is a place to be during bad weather.  Home is a place to worship together. A home is a place to come back to.  A home is where memories are made.


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