Daily Thoughts

We are enjoying eating, playing spades, shopping, watching movies, visiting with each other, and the gorgeous views.

The theme of the area is black bears.  You see black bear things everywhere you go.  This reminded me of a story about a bear.

There is a main east/west road in Charlotte NC that had a great deal of traffic.  We took that road regularly to get to and from Church.  There was a million dollar house built on that road and it was set back on the road but you could see it easily.  There was a bear statue (I mean a large statue that was carved out of a big tree with a chainsaw from the NC mountains) that was out in the front yard.  We didn’t know why but it was there.  The bear would have clothes/costumes on it according to the season or a theme.  You never knew what would be on the bear. This went on for years.  At Christmas time it could be an angel, elf, Santa etc.. The bear had jerseys from the Charlotte ball teams.  During October it could be a witch or a ghost.  It was so interesting to see what the bear would be and thousands(probably lots more) of people also watched that bear.  One day the bear was gone.  We wondered what had happened to the “now Charlotte icon”.

Several months later, an article came out in the Charlotte Observer about the bear.  Evidently, everyone that traveled that road, wondered about what happened to the bear.  “The rest of the story” emerged.  A couple owned the house and they went to the NC mountain area and the man wanted to buy the big bear statue.  The wife did not want the bear and absolutely did not want in the front yard of the expensive house.  Needless to say, the man got his way, and the bear came home with them.  The wife wasn’t happy but she decided to make the best of it.  She started dressing up the bear.  I’m sure after a while she was really enjoying what she was doing.  The man died and she decided to move to the NC mountains and took the bear with her.  The bear was missed!  We were so glad that the article was published in the paper so that we knew what happened.

Sometimes, small things, cheer up people!


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