Daily Thoughts

My sister and I were talking about the past.  She is my “Baby sister and I’m 8 years older than her.  I got married when she was 12 and Jeff became her big brother.  She remembers different things than I do. She’ll say, do you remember a certain vacation and I’ll say no- I didn’t go-I was already married and teaching.  She is a teacher also. (My dad, mom, and my dad’s grandmother were teachers.)

Jeff has been thinning out the “bad” trees in our back yard.  Some were dead, some were damaged, and some were ones that decided to grow under another tree.  He then has been cutting up the wood and putting it on our woodpile.  We won’t have to buy firewood this year.  In fact, when I commented on all the firewood, he said that he had started stacking wood behind the pile and we had much more than I thought.  There wasn’t any firewood when we moved in last year.  It started to get cold in November/December and we realized that we would need firewood in case we lost power sometime.  I got the KS phone book and looked up firewood.  I decided to call about firewood one afternoon around 3pm.  The first company I talked to said  “Oh yes, we have firewood.”  I asked the price of a rick of wood and it was reasonable.  When I explained that we did not have any firewood and we wanted to buy some soon, the lady said  “We are loading our truck right now for 2 deliveries and we have room for another load.”  She told us they could be at our house around 6pm and they would unload the wood for us and stack it.  They arrived around 6pm and it was pitch black.  They drove into our backyard and left their headlights on and started unloading wood.  We turned on the back porch lights and Jeff moved his truck to where his headlights would give them more light.  They said that they had loaded a little too much wood and did we want to buy the little bit that was left for a discounted price so that they wouldn’t have to take it back with them.  We bought it.  Talk about speedy!  Footnote-We did lose power some time after that and the firewood kept us warm.  We love Kingston Springs!

There are 2 big trees in our front yard close to our driveway.  Last spring, Jeff started digging around under the trees and discovered that there were slate stones there.  He swept them off and they made an oval area.  It was a surprise.  We put some lawn furniture there.  It was so nice to go outside and sit there until summer came (bugs and heat).

People go fishing and kayaking down at the creek beside our neighbors house (really the old golf club building).  The people park on the little road in front of our house.  Jeff will go out ask them how the fishing is and have discussions on fishing.  He loves our house-he can get his fly rod and go down to the creek and fish.

While driving to Dickson one day, 3 turkeys flew across the road in front of us.  We were afraid that they were going to hit the car because they were flying that low.  Turkeys are everywhere around KS.


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