Daily Thoughts

Kathryn and Mitch (Eleanor too) are hiking Mount LeConte today.  We are keeping the other 3 grandchildren. We’re sleeping here and then taking the boys to school in Dickson and staying in Dickson for a while.  I loaded up with kid friendly snacks and lunches.

Kathryn and Mitch have hiked LeConte for several years now with Church friends from Memphis.  They are staying at an old Motor Inn (built in the 30’s I believe) that has been remodeled.  You rent the entire Inn.  There are 10 rooms with bathrooms, a large community kitchen and dining room along with lounging areas with a TV.  I’m sure that I will get an assessment.

Henry doesn’t go to PreSchool on Fridays so that will make it a little easier.

We had twin beds that we put in the kids bedroom.  When Eleanor arrived, she took over the Pack-N-Play that Maggie was sleeping in.  We couldn’t decide what kind of bed to buy Maggie.  Finally we found an ottoman that folds out to be a bed.  It is perfect for the kids room.  When we need the bed for Maggie, we just unfold the bed.  Maggie just loves it-she says “My new bed”. It isn’t very high off the floor and we bought her new sheets.  She loves sleeping on it.  It could be also that her bed is between her brothers beds.

Maggie and Henry slept until 8:30 and they are eating their cereal now.


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