Daily Thoughts


I never used to drink coffee.  I guess about 15 years ago I started drinking coffee in the morning.  Kathryn says that I have a little bit of coffee with my sugar and creamer. To each their own!

Coffee has become a big business.  Did Seattle start all this?

A long time ago, coffee was very simple-drink it with milk/sugar or without.  It could be brewed over a campfire.  Now days you can get coffee anyway you want.  Dark roast, medium roast, or light roast.  Different coffees come from all over the world for different prices.  Coffee shops make all varieties and flavors.  In the movie  “You’ve Got Mail” Tom Hanks comments that what type of coffee you order defines you.  Jeff and I refuse to buy coffee from places like Starbucks.  Too expensive!  I have watched teachers stop by a coffee place every morning and purchase coffee.  (The cost is $3.00 or more. That adds up daily.)  Don’t get me wrong, Jeff and I drink coffee every morning and have nothing against it.  We would rather buy a good coffee maker, good coffee, and a variety of creamers.  We can “define” ourselves at home.  Jeff even buys whole coffee beans at Sam’s club and he grinds his own coffee daily.  I prefer flavored coffees and Jeff will not drink that kind of coffee.  Needless to say, we make our own coffee around here.  Kerig came out with a very good coffee maker for people who also like variety.  I noticed that Kerig has also come out with a coffee maker with a pot.  I can’t begin to list the different ways to make coffee or the different brands that make coffee makers.

I’m going to be honest, we will spend money on Sonic’s Mocha Java Chillers! YUM!


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