Daily Thoughts

We are still going to the South Cheatham Choral Society singing practice on Monday nights.  We are enjoying it but it is different than how we sing at Church.  At Church we just sing and at the practice we have a director.  She is very nice but she tells us when we can breath, how fast and how slow to sing, we must hit notes just right and not “slide up” to a note, and she makes adjustments to the songs constantly.  We don’t mind but there’s so much to remember while you are singing.  It does get easier but one song is in Latin.  You have to think of how to correctly pronounce the Latin words and how to sing the song at the same time.  We still like it!

Jeff walked down our driveway Saturday morning and he noticed a large hornets nest hanging on a low branch of a tree on the edge of our yard. The tree is really on our neighbors lot but the branches hang over in our yard.  Jeff and our neighbor mow that area of the yard.  Both of them had mowed a week before and there wasn’t a nest there.  They would have known that it was there because it was hanging so low.  Other branches were hiding the nest.  Jeff called our neighbor and told him to not mow because the nest would hit him on the head.  Last night when we got home from singing, Jeff sprayed the nest.  He checked on it later and there was still some hornet activity.  He went back again later and sprayed it again.  This morning there didn’t seem to be any activity and he cut the nest down. He walked up on the back deck with it and showed me how large it was.  Jeff the “Hornet Killer”!

We are keeping 3 of our grandchildren this week for 5 days.  We will be going back and forth to Dickson to take the boys to school.  We love our grandchildren!

We moved into our house on November 9th last year and the leaves were off the trees.  We are watching the leaves begin to change colors-so beautiful. This is our favorite season!

The birds are starting to come back.  We have been seeing bluebirds on our deck.  Jeff also said he saw an eagle flying down to the creek again.  We realized that it is close to time to go buy birdseed  and suet again.  Jeff refused to feed the birds all spring and summer.  Not a good landlord is he?


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