Daily Thoughts

Talking about Hurricane Hugo in yesterday’s blog, I started thinking about inventions.   Most inventions were “invented” because of a need. Technology changes constantly.

We would study about inventions in 4th grade.  We would have big discussions about them.  A 10 year old had only ever known the latest technology-cell phones, computers etc..  The kids didn’t know what a typewriter was.  I explained that when I went to College I had to type all my papers.  You had to use carbon paper (I had to explain that also) and if you came to the end of the paper and made a mistake, you had to totally retype the paper. Boy-don’t we love computers now and spell check.  The dictionary was the spell check of my day.  Who has a dictionary now (book)?

Telephones were all connected to the wall.  Recently we watched a show that was made when there were no cell phones.  The policemen had to go to a house or find a public phone booth.  We did not get a microwave until Kathryn was 3 years old.  I remember when I rented a VHS player from Kroger and rented a VHS tape when Kathryn was 7 years old.  That was the first time we could watch a movie like that at home.  It was amazing!  Later we purchased a VHS player.  Who has a VHS player now?

I’m not complaining about technology and inventions.  We get so used to them that when something doesn’t work it makes a big difference in our lives.  How have things changed just in your lifetime?


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