Daily Thoughts

I am a big movie buff!

I have loved movies since I was small. When you’re small, you watch all the children’s movies.  I guess my love of movies started with my dad, Ben-whom our grandson is named for.  He took me to the Disney movies when they either came out or were re-released.  “Snow White”, “Cinderella”, “Lady and the Tramp”, and I’m sure there were more of them but I can’t remember.  My dad said that I loved “Cinderella” and my favorite part was about the little mice.  Particularly Gus Gus.  He said I laughed and laughed over him.  I was probably 3 or 4 at the time.  When I was a married adult and a mother, my dad gave me a Christmas gift.  I opened it up and it was an ornament of Gus Gus.  I cried!  Your daddy is still your daddy.  Also, I loved the “Lady and the Tramp” because of the dogs.  Back then, the movie theaters sold books etc.. about the movie in the lobby of the theater.  Dad bought me the book of “Lady and the Tramp”.  I looked at it and looked at it for years wanting a dog.

There are some old movies that are just great!

“The Maltese Falcon”



“King Solomon’s Mines”

“The List of Adrian Messenger”  (this one is out of print but I was lucky to get a copy)

Old Sherlock Holmes movies and Charlie Chan movies

Alfred Hitchcock movies  (old black and white ones)

I’m sure I’ll think of others later.

I’m sure that I will talk about movies again at another time

We’ve had a very nice Gospel Meeting this week at Kingston Springs.  Last night, Jeff looked back at the front door and here came our son-in-law, Mitch, and our grandson Henry.  Needless to say, we moved over on the pew.


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