Daily Thoughts

We still haven’t put all our things away yet.  We moved into our new house on November 8th.  It’s been almost a year. We still love it here!  We don’t miss North Carolina.

I think part of the reason that we haven’t finished with the house is that for more than 4 months last summer (2013) we totally remodeled our old house while living there.  Bedlum!!!  We had lived there for 28 years and it needed remodeling so that it would sell.   Workmen were in the house constantly, no kitchen (had to eat out at least twice per day), and most days we had to take things off our beds to be able to go to sleep.  We had to have our furniture etc.. stored for the summer.  We only kept 2 Lazy Boy chairs, TV’s, lamps, kitchen table and chairs, beds, and dressers in the house. Guests would come and we could only sit at the kitchen table.  We couldn’t find our clothes or most anything.  Very tiring time.

I must admit I am a Pack Rat!   Part of it is being a teacher.  You don’t want to throw anything out because you might need it at school.  We have thrown things away and donated things.  We still have more stuff.  More throwing things out now and still donating.

My car never went in the garage last year (or Jeff’s) at all-too much stuff in the garage.  Jeff has promised me that I can put my car in the garage this year.  I want it cleaned out before “bad” or “cold” weather.  We’ll see!

Where do people get stuff?  You can look at it and see your life.  This is stuff from when your children grew up. This is stuff from vacations.  This is stuff from hobbies.  These are the books that you read and collected.  Here are clothes that are too small, too old, too big.  You look at some stuff and wonder why you ever kept it at all.  I realize that some people are not Pack rats and that’s wonderful!

We have made progress-slowly, I must admit though.  Once we reach a certain point of organizing and getting rid of things, we can stop and realize that we can get more stuff!

We are making our house very comfortable for us.  I guess we’re making a home!


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