Daily Thoughts

Ben and I were talking a few minutes ago about reading.  He said that he had almost met his AR reading goal for this 9 weeks.  He loves to read.  This got me thinking about how this is an inherited trait in our family.   My dad, Ben, loved to read and I read constantly when I was young.  Kathryn liked to read and now our oldest grandson loves to read.  Isn’t that a nice thing to be handed down from generation to generation.

I collected the old book series “The Boxcar Children” for many years and probably have over 35 of them.  Even many years ago it was hard to find what I call “clean nice books” to read out loud to children at school.  I have always read novels to my 2nd-3rd grade students.  I love mysteries and I tried instill that love in my students.  We think that my collection of the books are in the attic,  I just need to talk Jeff into going up in the attic and looking for the one little box.  I’m pretty sure that Ben will enjoy reading the interesting mysteries. We can tell that Henry will also be interested in reading.  He is in the beginning stages of learning how to read.  He’ll be 5 next month.

I have also collected the series of adult  mysteries “The Cat Who..” and the alphabet books by Sue Grafton.  I met Sue Grafton several years ago at a bookstore signing.  She is from Kentucky and I’m from Kentucky so we talked about that wonderful state as she signed my book.  I can’t remember which book she signed-I need to go look.  I believe that she’s only up to W and it stands for Wasted.  She also has a house in California.

We have books on tape that are mysteries and we listen to them when we are in the car.  Right now we are listening to the J. A. Jance  Detective Beaumont Series.  We get hooked on books!



  1. We both are Kindle readers. I think I have read every thing J. A. Jance ever wrote… love John Sanford also. If it stays still long enough I will read it… unless it gets too dirty and then I give it up. It gets harder and harder to find a book with a good plot without all the “adult content.” I use a lot of the library’s books and download them to the Kindle.


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