Daily Thoughts

My mother did not like pets at all.  We never had any when I was growing up.

When Jeff and I got married, I asked for a pet. We had moved into an apartment that would not take dogs but they would allow cats.  We got a kitten and named her Pumpkin.  The first few nights she was so lonely that she slept on my stomach.

Most of the time since then we have had a cat.  I know that many people do not like cats.  I do!!  I like their independence.  I like their attitude that they are the owners of the house and the people who live there are their personal servants.  Cats ignore you until they decide that they need you.  Jeff has always fed them, played roughly with them, and changed their cat litter.  I have always held them. The cats have always been indoor cats.

When Kathryn was 4 years old we started her in ballet, tap, and acrobatics classes. When she was about 9  years old, we walked into the dance studio and the teacher told her to go look in her office.  On the floor was a box of kittens.  The teacher (knew just what to say) told Kathryn that she was going to have to take them to the pound.  Kathryn, of course, begged and begged me to take a kitten home.  Soft-hearted me agreed so we took the kitten home.  Kathryn named her Lucky because she was lucky not to be sent to the pound.  Lucky became Kathryn’s cat.  She slept with her and stayed in her room a lot.  Lucky was a cricketer!  That is to say she didn’t go to England and play Cricket but loved to catch crickets and eat them.  Kathryn had a problem with that.  Kathryn didn’t like crickets!  Lucky would take the crickets to Kathryn’s bed and eat them under her covers and leave the little cricket legs there.  Kathryn would get in her bed and we would hear screaming.  Jeff would have to go get cricket legs out of her bed.  (To tell you the truth, I would not like cricket legs in my bed either.)  Even to this day, Kathryn doesn’t like crickets.

Lucky liked Kathryn to be at home.  When we would come home from school, Kathryn would go in her room and find her stuffed animals on the floor.  She had book cases and she arranged her toys etc. on the shelves. To punish Kathryn for being gone, Lucky continued to push things off.  One day we came home and opened the front door.  We had a split-level house and there were steps going up and steps going down. There was yarn going down the first set of steps, on the landing, and going down the bottom steps.  We carefully walked up stairs and followed the yarn.  Kathryn had yarn on the bottom shelf and the cat had picked up the yarn and carried it down the hall, down the stairs, and into to the den downstairs. We would never know what we would see when we came home.

Kathryn went to college and of course left the cat at home.  Lucky became my cat and started sleeping with me at my feet.  She would lean against me.  Cats are always cold!  Luckily, I did not get cricket legs in my bed!  We had Lucky for at least 18 years.


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