Daily Thoughts

It is darker outside when I get up every morning.  I watch as the sun begins to come up.  My den faces West so I can’t see the sunrise.  There is a certain time where it looks yellowish outside.  Today there was also fog in the farmers field across the creek.  Eerie looking!

For 11 years (maybe 12) we met Kathryn and Mitch in the Gatlinburg area during the Thanksgiving Holiday.  Since we all only had 4 days off of work it made it easier to see each other without driving 10 hours or longer one way.  We stayed in different areas and different cabins.  There were some cabins we really liked and some were OK.  The more times we stayed, we determined which areas we liked best.  The last few years we stayed at out Wears Valley.  One of our favorite places. Ben thought that his grandma and grandpa owned the cabins that we stayed in.

We didn’t do too much-ate a lot of food, played board games, watched movies, caught up with what was going on, and we went shopping or window shopping.  There was one place that we went to every time we were there.  It is called Alewines Pottery.  It is located in the Arts and Crafts Area of Gatlinburg.    Every time that we would visit we would buy one or two handmade mugs.  We have all sizes, shapes, and colors of mugs.  I drink my coffee out of them.  We did not go to Gatlinburg last Thanksgiving because we had moved here on November 8th.  I realized that I missed buying my new coffee mug.  I’m trying to think of a reason to go to Gatlinburg.  We love the mountains.  They are so peaceful and beautiful.  We always said that we wanted to buy a mountain cabin (if we ever won the Lottery, that is.).  We feel that we have moved to the mountains.  It is so beautiful here!


One comment

  1. Don’t know how you would find a cabin in Gatlinburg with a prettier view than where you are now! And you really don’t need an excuse to go to Alewines, just go. I have to leave the Visa at home when I go there!


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